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From earliest memory, I’ve collected little sacred objects to carry with me – crystals, flowers and herbs, pieces of my beloved baby sheepskin, even a doll shoe or special button.  Some of my fondest memories with my dad included trips to the ‘rock shop’ to pick out a special crystal from the bins.  My attraction to these sacred objects eventually translated into my love of jewelry and what I see as ‘sacred adornment,’ which was undoubtedly also influenced by my mother’s own love of jewelry and her artistic sense.  All of these things, to me, brought me luck and protection.  They were my talismans.    

            I began collecting various pouches for carrying these sacred objects many years back.  Often adorned with crystals, beads and feathers, they too were sacred objects unto themselves.  To carry a ‘medicine pouch’ is in fact a part of our ancestral DNA – a practice that has been discovered among indigenous cultures across the Americas, Europe, Asia and beyond. 

            During the 11 years I owned Goldyn, a noteworthy boutique in Denver, Colorado, I felt called to create our own medicine pouch necklaces to sell, encouraging customers to fill them with their own tiny treasures.  Soon after, we added a complementary collection of minimalist gold jewelry – simple pieces featuring geometric shapes and sacred symbols, informed by the everyday styles that our customers regularly sought.  Thus began Talisman in 2015, my collection of jewelry designed to bring simple beauty and alignment with the divine into the everyday wear of women.


The Talisman Pouch is an elevated version of the old leather medicine pouches I used to use, made on a smaller, more delicate scale that makes daily wear easy.  Featuring precious stones (ethically sourced whenever possible), reclaimed leather from fashion industry excesses, and strung with the finest 14k gold Italian chain, they are luxurious sacred objects.  They are hand-sewn with special intention and invocation, meant to support you to feel beautiful, powerful, protected, and connected to your highest self.  Fill them with the little talismans that call to you along your journey.

            Our collection of minimalist 14k gold jewelry also lives on, worn as a complement to the Talisman Pouches and as everyday reminders of your own beauty, worth, and ultimate simplicity. Each piece is made by hand, making every one unique and special.

            Thank you for taking part in our world.  I welcome custom Talisman Pouch inquiries, existential questions and lively conversation – please feel free to reach out at shoptalismanjewelry@gmail.com.

- Vanessa Barcus, Owner